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Prospect Fast WiFi

Village Heart, Prospect Road

City of Prospect, Network Prospect, Vintek, and local business and property owners have been collaborating improve the free Wi-Fi system. The technical upgrades and project extension is now complete.

Four LED signs will be installed on Prospect Road, to help define the Prospect Fast WiFi coverage and promote the initiative.

Local Business and Property Owner Collaboration

Prospect Fast WiFi is part of City of Prospect’s Digital Economy Strategy to boost local business. We encourage you and your customers to take advantage of the upgraded system.

The system allows users to browse the web, check emails, stream videos, check-in for work or business meetings as users move around the Village Heart.

This project would not have come to fruition without the assistance of property owners hosting the 15 access points and 4 backhaul radio components installed.

Research has shown that free Wi-Fi helps to boost local economies, with:

  • Increased visitation by residents, shoppers, professionals and tourists to local businesses
  • Professional and home-based businesses meeting outside in local cafes
  • New bricks and mortar businesses attracted to the area and creating jobs

Wifi area

Where is the Wi-Fi?

City of Prospect’s Prospect Fast WiFi network coverage is the Prospect Road Village Heart area (from just past Rose Street / Labrina Avenue in the South to Gladstone Road / Alpha Road in the North). The project now extends to include outside of the Prospect Palace Nova Cinemas development, just past Rose Street.

The service is accessible to residents and visitors traveling along through the main street precinct, however there are no guarantees of coverage inside shops and premises. Prospect Fast WiFi Service is not intended for use by business operators as a substitute for their own dedicated day-to-day connection.

How fast is the Wi-Fi?

Osaka, New York, Barcelona, Singapore, Perth and Adelaide all have free Wi-Fi systems. Prospect Fast WiFi consistently achieves speeds between 200% and 500%* faster than ADSL, with speed performance centred around:

  • Coles Shopping Complex
  • City of Prospect Civic Centre
  • Foodland Shopping Complex

*Speeds will vary depending on a variety of conditions at a given time.

To Connect:
  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device
  2. In Wi-Fi settings, choose ‘Prospect Fast WiFi’

Propect Fast Wifi Terms & Conditions

Network Prospect

You can now use the new free Wi-Fi service to boost your business with the free Network Prospect Business Directory.



If you would like to let us know what you think about the Prospect Fast WiFi service or find our more information on business development, contact

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