Propect Fast Wifi Terms & Conditions

This free Wi-Fi service is provided by City of Prospect.

The service is available in the Village Heart area of Prospect Road.

The service is accessible at street level but no guarantees are provided as to coverage inside shops and premises.

The Wi-Fi Service is for casual use by residents and visitors; it is not intended for use by business operators as a substitute for their own day-to-day retail business or office needs.

Details may be recorded about access, usage and device of the Wi-Fi Service, to the extent permitted or required by law. The operator of the service is required by law to release information to the appropriate Government agencies under Data Retention obligations (click here).

Geographical location information of devices may be used to produce statistical reports – this information will be used on an aggregated and anonymous basis only.

Internet access on the Wi-Fi service will be monitored and access to illegal, questionable and malicious sites will be restricted.

The Wi-Fi Service is not encrypted or protected and users of the service are responsible for their own security and protection of their data and of their device.

City or Prospect reserves the right to withhold or limit access to the Wi-Fi Service where breaches of the terms and conditions of use have been detected.