Hello to Naked Pet Food

Hello to Naked Pet Food

Network Prospect wants to welcome new business, Naked Pet Food, to City of Prospect.

Naked Pet Food is a pet food and supplies store, located on Prospect Road.

We believe in the natural balance

Naked Pet Food bakes and sells pet food differently, with all food based around health. Naked Pet Food’s pet menu features healthy dietary options for pets, such as: supplements, casseroles, healthy dinners, gummies, terrine, baked treats, and many more goodies for all of the good boys and girls!

All of their products are all natural and use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

They also sell many other South Australian based products and pet supplies.

Naked Pet Food also offers free home delivery and Australia Post Express. Ashley and Trojdan let us know that an online store is coming soon!

Naked Pet Food was born as a home-based business and quickly upgraded to a pop-up offering at Plant 4 Bowden, to handle production.  This year they expanded to Prospect Road to offer “an experience” to existing and new customers.

Unfortunately, the team opened their doors just three days before COVID-19 sent shock waves through the world.

When looking for their permanent business location, Trojdan and Ashley wanted to create a place for dogs to play. At their Plant 4 pop-up shop, furry friends didn’t have an enclosed space to play and so their expansion was to include this.

The traditional retail space now allows furry visitors to play and explore without a leash. Their Prospect Road location also offers street, side street, and off-street parking.

At their Prospect location, Naked Pet Food offers birthday parties for dogs! These events feature photoshoots, socialising and ride on cars, to celebrate your doggo! Similarly they offer breed meet-ups and will offer other inclusive events in the future when it is safe to do so.

Naked Pet Food is open 9am-6pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday.

Raw or cooked, Naked Pet Food have your pup or furry friend covered: taking the guess work out of feeding your pets a quality and balanced diet!

Visit Naked Pet Food today:

Naked Pet Food
2/296 Prospect Road, Prospect 5082

Naked Pet Food