Hello to The Nook Eatery

Hello to The Nook Eatery

Network Prospect wants to welcome new business, The Nook Eatery, to Prospect Road and City of Prospect.

Slide into the nook and feel your taste buds dance! 

The Nook Eatery is an exciting new street food eatery on Prospect Road, owned by partners Rachel and Hieu.

They opened their doors on Thursday, 6 August, following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. We are pleased to share that their opening has been very successful and it’s fantastic to see the local community supporting them through this time. As the eatery can only fit a small number of patrons with COVID-19 requirements, the duo have made themselves available for online orders and are working towards installing a takeaway window. We are so impressed with their future proofing, amidst an uncertain time!

The business is located adjacent from City of Prospect’s Payinthi building, within the heart of Prospect Road.

The Nook Eatery’s menu is divided into bangas, quickies, sides, extra, and drinks. The Nook Eatery’s menu is a creation of Hieu’s professional hospitality experience, her mother’s cooking, Vietnamese heritage, and foodie adventures.

The Nook Eatery is open 9am – 2:30pm Tuesday to Friday and 10:30am – 3pm Saturday to Saturday.

Rachel and Hieu say “the nook is all about making your tummy smile with tasty comfort food and pastel dream coziness”.

Check out their menu and plan your meal..

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Visit The Nook Eatery today:

The Nook Eatery
101A Prospect Road, Prospect 5082

The Nook Eatery