Prospect Delivers for our Residents and Businesses

Prospect Delivers for our Residents and Businesses

Prospect Delivers for our residents and businesses!

City of Prospect has a great reputation for our cafes and restaurants, but these businesses, along with retailers, have been some of the hardest hit by the national effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

Many local businesses were forced to either partially or completely close for an extended period of time. In an effort to support our community’s most vulnerable residents and our affected businesses, council quickly established a new program to beat the impact of the crisis on the local food and café sector – while also delivering meals to our vulnerable and older residents.

Over a seven week period during the most restrictive part of the lock down, Prospect Delivers supported some 555 COVID-19 vulnerable residents (generally residents over the age of 65) by supplying 4,419 $25 vouchers for meals delivered by 25 participating local cafes and restaurants.

This played a dual function of supporting our vulnerable residents who have felt particularly isolated during the period, and at weekends when other charitable food delivery services don’t operate, while also supporting the hospitality sector and people’s jobs as they worked to get through the restrictions.

We have be inundated by some lovely feedback from the community, including:

“Thank you to the Prospect Council very much for the meal vouchers “
“It’s been absolutely a joy”
“It’s been lovely to be able to try different cuisines”
“A real bright spot in my life”
“A great thing for the community as a whole”
“Thankful for Prospect Council for looking after us”
“One of the best councils around Adelaide”

It’s not very often that councils get posted a thank you card, but the way our community has supported each other during this time is something we can all be proud of!

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